The STAC provides strategic direction and advice to optimize the design of Project Blue’s studies of the Alpha Centauri System. The committee members will devise specific scientific objectives and derive requirements for the mission architecture. The committee is composed of experts in the fields of exoplanet research, instrumentation, advanced optical telescopes, and space mission development.

  Dr. Eduardo Bendek , Bay Area Environmental Research Institute (BAER)

Dr. Eduardo Bendek, Bay Area Environmental Research Institute (BAER)

  Dr. Colin Goldblatt , University of Victoria.

Dr. Colin Goldblatt, University of Victoria.

  Dr. Jared Males , University of Arizona

Dr. Jared Males, University of Arizona

  Dr. Nathalie Cabro  l , Carl Sagan Center for Research at The SETI Institute

Dr. Nathalie Cabrol, Carl Sagan Center for Research at The SETI Institute

  Dr. Olivier Guyon , University of Arizona

Dr. Olivier Guyon, University of Arizona

  Dr. Jon Morse , BoldlyGo Institute

Dr. Jon Morse, BoldlyGo Institute

  Dr. Supriya Chakrabarti , UMass Lowell

Dr. Supriya Chakrabarti, UMass Lowell

  Dr. Michael Hart , University of Arizona

Dr. Michael Hart, University of Arizona

Dr. Evgenya Shkolnik, Arizona State University

  Dr. Debra Fischer , Yale University

Dr. Debra Fischer, Yale University

  Dr. Jim Kasting , Penn State University

Dr. Jim Kasting, Penn State University

  Dr. Margaret Turnbull ,  Carl Sagan Center for Research at The SETI Institute

Dr. Margaret Turnbull,  Carl Sagan Center for Research at The SETI Institute


Project Blue's mission concept is based on the published work of Dr. Eduardo Bendek and Dr. Rus Belikov to image planets in the habitable zone of Alpha Cen A & B using a highly optimized coronagraphic telescope devoted to image the HZ of both stars. For more information about Dr. Belikov and Dr. Bendek’s mission concept, see here and here, and references therein. Other notable work by our STAC members that have contributed to advancement of the direct imaging techniques Project Blue will use in its mission include Dr. Guyon's general work on the PIAA coronagraph, and Dr. Males’ concept of Orbital Differential Imaging which specifically takes advantage of a mission focused on a single star system to enable sensitivity to Earth-like planets.